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  • Medical Services <span>That You Can Trust</span>

    Medical Services That You Can Trust

    Our passionate medical care team are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to ensuring a dignified rest of the life

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  • We <span>Care</span> for <span>You</span>

    We Care for You

    We provide respecful proactive care for residents and relatives in their last days of life, making sure their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs are considered and met

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  • Qualified Staff With <span>Expertise in Services We Offer</span>

    Qualified Staff With Expertise in Services We Offer

    You and your family can rest easy knowing you’re in the very best hands. Our trained and compassionate staff provide care in a safe and welcoming environment.

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Swarg Community Care Gujarat’s first 100 bedded Swarg Rehabilitation & Residential Age Care Center.

Residential & Palliative Aged Care

Service for bedridden, immobile & terminally ill elders who are no longer able to manage care & support at home.

Rehabilitation Aged Care

Service for elders who discharged from hospital and need more attention on medical & physical care for recovery.

Retirement Home

Service for elders who are retired and wanted to live rest of the life in peace, freedom, respectful and meaningful.

Respite Aged Care

Service is designed to give temporary break to family from care giving duties & the person they care for. It is short term care for seniors.

Seniors Day Care

Service is designed to provide care & support to seniors who need a supervisor during a day.

Physio Aged Care

Service is designed for elders who are seeking cost effective physiotherapy care.


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Gujarat’s first 100 beds Professional Elderly Care Home
Swarg Community Care: An Overview
Our Customers Feedback

Reflection of our services

Lets hear what our patients say about Swarg Community Care and the quality services provided at Swarg.

  • On my visits to the centre I was more than impressed by the cleanliness of same and the care and attention that not only my mother in law but all the residents received from your staff. One member of your staff particularly impressed me, the young lady Sonu. What a wonderful and caring person she is. You should be very proud. Once again my blessings and thanks to you and your wonderful staff.

  • I am highly satisfied with Swarg services. My mother is staying in Swarg since 8 months and never have any problems with its provided services. Management staff are very committed and listen carefully if any issue arised.

  • The arrangements at Swarg Community Care are of high standards. The staff are very cooperative and caring. There is quick response for medical problems. High quality of hygiene and cleanliness is maintained. We wish all the best to Swarg centre.

  • My sister is admitted in s Swarg more than one year, so far as the services provided by the staff is really good and they are treating every resident friendly and as a family member..

    As a brother of D K Shah, I am happy with the attitude of the staff and management. My good wishes to Swarg Centre.