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We have a video door opening security system through which we can keep a check on
people entering and leaving our premises.

Explanation of recreational and other activities as per brochure.

Common TV and fridge and local newspapers available on each floor. For special facilities
like AC extra charges are taken.

As per the organization rules the laundry charge is separate.

The food comes from Swasthya foods and is per the patient’s condition.

Accommodation is done according to availability, a prior bed booking should be done
before admission for convenience of patient and the organization.

The organization doesn’t allow patients to go out with the help of staff, their personal
items shall be ordered by the SCC and later the extra charges will be added to the bill. Or the relatives can get it for the patients.

Communication can be done by contacting SCC’s landline number. Skype call can be placed after a prior appointment with the staff.

GP doctor visit every once a week and in case of emergency specialist doc visit is arranged.

It depends on patient’s individual condition and the disease affecting them.

Yes crushed and liquid food is available. The food is dietitian approved and is given according to the patient’s condition for eg sugar free for diabetes

We keep the body in the cold storage till the relatives arrive.

Vitals are checked once a day. Physiotherapy sessions is also done once a day in the morning.

Will immediately inform the family regarding the emergency, and depending on the families decision the concerned doctor will be called or transferred the hospital.

We are planning it in near future, we don’t have the facility at present.

Mandir and prayer facility is available, bhajan kirtan is organized every month and also each and every festival is celebrated at SCC.

It depends on the severity of the patient’s condition. Generally the patient to nurse ratio is 2:1.

We have a combination of staff where in there are nurses, BSPAs and attendants.

 In case of special occasion or emergency visiting time can be extended.

We keep a check on daily shift record sheets which is filled by the staff regularly