Rehabilitation Aged Care

Rehabilitation for older people who have been in hospital and discharged to home but need more help to recover or need more attention on medical and physical care. Swarg can offer after hospital care services to seniors to our rehabilitation aged care center.

Rehabilitation Aged Care helps a senior who is recovering from serious illness or to regain as much function as possible. Our aim is for patients to become as independent as possible despite his/her medical or physical conditions. Swarg Rehabilitation care is also aims to teach strategies for ongoing medical or physical care.

Our Services
Type of Swarg Rehabilitation care services:

Reality orientation (RO) is for dementia people. It is based on the belief that continually and repeatedly telling or showing certain reminders to residents with mild to moderate memory loss will result in an increase in interaction with others and improve orientation. This in turn can improve self-esteem and reduce problem behaviors. In Reality Orientation, people with Alzheimer’s disease are surrounded by familiar objects that can be used to stimulate their memory.

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