About Us

A new concept Swarg Community Care arises first time in Vadodara, Gujarat India in 2012. Swarg is the Gujarat’s first Rehabilitation & Residential Age Care Centre. Founded on 14th April 2012 by Mr. Amit Limbachiya.

Care facility for bed ridden is a very unique care model which will help family members to provide a healthy option to keep their bed ridden family member. Here we intend to recover our care recipients from their fragile bed ridden condition towards an in-dependency.

“Healthcare with human touch” is the central theme at Swarg. In small words, Swarg is a residence for rehabilitation & 24/7 Care with excellent in-house facilities. “Swarg” is an independent organization which helps community, for fast and happy recovery of its guardian.

Purpose Of Swarg Existance

Let us establish the need of Swarg Community Care (SCC) in Gujarat; Millions of senior citizens cross the globe are facing health problems. By 2025, there will about 1200 million people aged 65 years according to UN estimates. Failure to address old age health needs today could develop into a costly problem tomorrow. Seven percent of the 1.1 billion Indian population is today over the age of 60. They too wish to have a better access to health care, look forward to fun, health, dignity, economic independence and a peaceful death.

Indian Ministry estimates say the number of people in the 60-plus age group in India will increase to 100 million in 2013, and 198 million in 2030.

The elderly population will increase to 12% of the total population by 2025, 10% of whom would be bedridden, requiring utmost care. The ministry’s revised National Programme for the Healthcare of the Elderly (NPHCE) expects to have 20 institutions with capacity to produce 40 post-graduates in MD in geriatric medicine per year. Additionally, 7,400 beds in district hospitals and 2,000 beds in medical colleges for the elderly by 2021.

Purpose Of Swarg Existance

  • India will soon become home to the second largest senior citizens’ population in the world.
  • A majority (80%) of them would be in rural areas, making medical service delivery a challenge.
  • 54% of the elderly population would be women by 2021.
  • Elder maltreatment can lead to serious physical injuries and long-term psychological consequences.
  • The global population of people aged 60 years and older would more than double, from 542 million in 1995 to about 1.2 billion in 2025.
  • Maltreatment of senior citizens is an important public health problem.

Problems being faced by bedridden sufferer at home

  • 24 Hour care attention required
  • Expense of employing personal care takers. Reliability of care taker is always question marked.
  • Expensive hygiene tools such as diapers etc. Lack of medical care knowledge in family.
  • On-going requirements of Physiotherapist, Counsellor & doctor’s visit.
  • Lack of emotional support due to their prolonged disability. Lack of help in daily activities.
  • Non-availability of opportunities for creative use of time. Persistent ill health.
  • Insufficient infrastructure for quality personal care.
  • Entire responsibility of care and support falls on primary family member, which results in an imbalance within the family members.
  • Lack of companionship makes elderly loneliness, anxious feeling and it effect on social, mental or emotional factors. Due to that it may risk on health and elderly convert in depression mood which may makes them to do anti-social activities. This may result of health issues.

How We Work

What makes us different

Swarg care facility for bedridden is a very unique care model which will help family members to provide a healthy option to keep their bedridden family member. Here we intend to recover our care recipients from their fragile bedridden condition towards an in-dependency.

Continuing to provide the highest quality of care through promoting best practice in both the clinical and non-clinical service and focus on the continued professional development of our staff.  We believe we have very progressive staff training programme and supports and we are constantly aiming to improve them.

Evaluating all our services on a regular basis to ensure the highest level of care for our residents are being achieved through continuous improvement.​ ​

We are providing medical attentions, personal care and support to your loved one ​24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year and family​ member ​in coordinating the care you need.​ ​

We will ensure that all Residents and/or their families are dealt with honestly and with integrity.

At all times staff will be honest, friendly, and courteous and always treat Residents and/or their families with respect.

Our multi-disciplinary care teams on-site at Swarg Community Care include Managers, Coordinators, Visiting Doctors, Nurses, Care Assistants, Behavioural Specialists, Psychologists, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapists.


Swarg facilitating Residents and​/​or their families to participate in decision making processes i.e.

  • Regular Resident/Family Meetings
  • Resident & Family Surveys
  • Suggestion Box
  • Assessing every individual on admission to our Rehabilitation Home as to their Health, Social and Cultural needs.
  • Offer a wide range of services to Residents to encourage optimal Resident participation in activities.

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